Weekly Events During the Semester


Topical Ministry Series to lay a foundation for the Christian life. This semester we will cover the foundations of the Christian Life. Weekly on Wednesday Night beginning, August 28, from 6pm to 7pm in LSC 322.

Group Bible Studies

We will have weekly Bible studies to read and fellowship over a chapter from the New Testament. The group Bible study will correspond with the Bible reading challenge. The set times for the group Bible studies are:

Monday @ 12pm

Tuesday @ 4pm

Thursday @ 3pm

Locations are still being determined.  If interested to join go to Contact Us.

Home Meetings

Our home meetings on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings are full of praise, worship, and the Word of God. For many students, this is the highlight of their week. It is a time we can set aside studies, work, and other occupying obligations to set our eyes on Jesus and be free to enjoy Him with other brothers and sisters in the Lord. We begin by eating a hot meal together at 6:30 PM. We then spend some time to sing and praise the Lord. Following this, we read a short message from the Word, and the students are given the opportunity to share their response and experience from the week.

If you are interested in such a meeting, please leave us your information on our Sign Up page.