2018 Summer Internship

The purpose of the summer internship is to provide an opportunity for college students to learn and be perfected in serving the Lord on the college campus. In the internship, the learning takes place through hands-on practice and experience in serving. The participants in the internship will serve alongside saints who are also serving on the campus team. The primary focus of the service will be directed toward the gospel outreach, contact and follow up care with the incoming freshmen and transfer students over the course of the summer.

When is the Summer Internship?

The summer internship will be divided into two
sessions. Between the sessions we will attend
the Midwest College Training.

  • Session 1 (May 30-June 22):
    The focus will be on bringing the gospel to the
    freshmen and transfer students during
    their orientations. Included in this session is an orientation trip to Austin, TX from May 30-June 2
  • Midwest College Training (July 15-21):
    Enjoy a week long training under God’s word
    and speaking.
  • Session 2 (August 12-19):
    The week before school starts we will be
    preparing for the new semester and be
    reaching out to the incoming freshmen.


What Will the Schedule be?

The participants can be either full-time (~30-35 hours a week) or part-time depending on their availability. Participants don’t need to participate for the entire time of the internship, but can indicate the weeks they are available to serve. We encourage participants to serve at least two consecutive weeks of the internship.

We ask the participants to commit to a definite, weekly schedule according to their date and time availability. The schedule will consist of coordination meetings, prayer times with the team and in small groups, personal and corporate pursuit of the truth, practical services related to the work on the campus, shepherding appointments and visitations with other students, tabling and contacting new students at CSU, and follow up care with the new students. Typically, although not exclusively, these activities would be during the mornings up to mid-afternoon.

What Will I Experience?

Through this summer internship, we hope the participants will begin to learn and experience: (1) an uplifted view of what it is to serve the Lord for the building up of the church, (2) be built up in one accord with the other serving saints and students, (3) be equipped and constituted with the divine truths and perfected to speak and minister these truths into others, and (4) learn how to contact the new students at CSU with the gospel for the fruit-bearing and shepherding.

The Church in Fort Collins is willing to provide a stipend and housing to any committed participants. However, this summer internship is an opportunity to learn to serve the Lord by faith, trusting in His practical provision for our needs. Thus, the stipend amount is determined case by case, depending on the participant’s situation and level of commitment and personal situation. For every participant who is able to commit at least 20 hours a week, and for at least 2 full weeks, the Church will cover the registration cost for the Midwest College Training. Supplementary help for transportation to the College Training can also be provided.

Orientation Trip to Austin, TX

This a wonderful opportunity to be prepared, oriented, and trained for reaching out to the incoming freshmen. If you have ever wondered how to share the gospel with someone or how to answer tough questions about the faith? This trip will equip you with the truth and experience to be effective on the campus. Plus, you get to practice at a university you don’t attend with students you will probably never see again! This trip is included in the first week of Session 1.

How to Apply

Download the application here – Summer Internship Application