Who We Are

Our Mission

We are very excited that you chose to come to CSU! We realize that coming to college is a huge step. One of the first things you will need in your transition to CSU is to get connected with other students. We would love to help you make that connection!

Christian Students at CSU is a group of students who really love the Lord and one another. We are active all year long, including the summer. You are more than welcome to join us.

Our Faith

While no single document can adequately embrace all of the divine truth that is revealed in the Bible and part of the faith, we do stand on the following:

  • Holding the Bible as the complete and only divine revelation, we strongly believe that God is eternally one and also eternally the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, the three being distinct but not separate.
  • We hold that Christ is both the complete God and the perfect man. Without abandoning His divinity, He was conceived in the womb of a human virgin, lived a genuine human life on the earth, and died a vicarious and all-inclusive death on the cross. After three days He resurrected bodily and has ascended to the heavens. He is now in glory, fully God, but still fully man. We look to His imminent return with the kingdom of God, by which He will reign over the earth in the millennium and in eternity.
  • We confess that the third of the Trinity, the Spirit, is equally God. All that the Father has and is, is expressed in the Son; and all that the Son has and is, is realized as the Spirit.
  • We further believe that mankind is in need of God’s salvation. Though we were absolutely unable to fulfill the heavy demands of God’s righteousness, holiness, and glory, Christ fulfilled all the requirements through His death on the cross. Because of Christ’s death, God has forgiven us of our sins, justified us by making Christ our righteousness, and reconciled us to Himself. Based on Christ’s redemption, God regenerates the redeemed with His Spirit to consummate His salvation that they may become His children.
  • Now possessing God’s life and nature, the believers enjoy a daily salvation in His Body in this age and the eternal salvation in the coming age and in eternity. In eternity we will dwell with God in the New Jerusalem, the consummation of God’s salvation of His elect.