Foundations is a topical ministry series laying the foundation for our christian life

“For another foundation no one is able to lay besides that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

– 1 Corinthians 3:11

IMportant Time frames

Date         Room#             Topic/Question

1/22              LSC 312                 Who is Jesus?

1/29              LSC 312                 What is the Purpose of Life?

2/3                LSC 312                 What does it Mean to be a Christian?

2/12             LSC 324                 How do you know the Will of God?

2/26             LSC 312                 Special Topic – TBA

3/4               LSC 312                 The Bible: Another book or something more?

3/11             LSC 312                 Develop an intimate relationship with God

3/18             LSC 312                 Challenges facing College students today

3/25             LSC 312                  How can we live a life free from anxiety and the fear of death?

4/1               LSC 312                  How do we live a life that is ready for the Lord’s return?

4/8               LSC 312                 Special Topic: TBA

4/15            LSC 312                  What is our attitude toward non-believing   friends?

4/22            LSC 312                 How do you speak to your friends about Jesus?

4/29            LSC 312                How do you respond to difficult questions that challenge the Christian faith?

5/6              LSC 324                 Special Topic: TBA

5/13            LSC 312                To be determined